KnoRBA C++ Library  v0.6
Develope KnoRBA Agent in C++
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Creating Agents

Documentation for knorba::Agent contains basic instruction for creating agents.

Code reusability in KnoRBA agent-based component model is different than object-oriented paradigm, in sense that it is horizontal rather than vertical. Reusable modules are composed into protocols, which can be included by multiple agents. See documentation for knorba::Protocol for more details.

Type Wrapper Classes

Since KnoRBA data types used for sending and receiving messages are different than native C++ types, there are a rich set of type-wrapper classes provided to easily create and manipulate values in portable KnoRBA types. The following table summerizes these classes.

KnoRBA Type Encoding Type Info Wrapper Class Scalar Type
octet 8-bit unsigned integer KOctet KType::OCTET k_octet_t
integer 32-bit 2's complement signed integer KType::INTEGER KInteger k_integer_t
longint 64-bit 2's complement signed integer KType::LONGINT KLongint k_longint_t
real 64-bit IEEE 754 floating point KType::REAL KReal k_real_t
guid 128-bit globally unique ID KType::GUID KGuid k_guid_t
string UTF-8 KType::STRING KString -
raw octets KType::RAW KRaw -
enumeration 1 octet KEnumerationType KEnumeration -
record KRecordType KRecord -
grid KGridType KGrid -
any KType::ANY KAny -
nothing KType::NOTHING KValue::NOTHING -

Brows the list of classes for details on above items.