KFoundation is a collection of modern C++ APIs that replace some standard C++ APIs with better alternatives, and adds some more. These APIs include:

KFoundation is cross-platform and compatible with standard C++98 up to C++11 compilers.

Want to Know More?

Want to Get It?

The best way to get KFoundation is by cloning its git repository to your local machine.

$git clone https:://github.com/hkhandan/kfoundation.git

Alternatively, you can download the latest release from https://github.com/hkhandan/kfoundation/releases page.

To install you need

$cd kfoundation
$mkdir build
$cd build
$cmake ..
$sudo make install


If you found a bug, have a comment, or want to ask for new features, try the following page:


To contact the author (replace '@' with '.' and vice versa):



The KFoundation project is done at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, under K-Computer Project fund.